InfoIcon Technologies provides akelos development. Akelos PHP Framework is a web application development platform. Our developers provide cost-effective. This means that the Akelos PHP Framework is the ideal candidate for distributing standalone web applications as it does not require any non-standard PHP. Apr 16, Akelos is a PHP framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the MVC pattern. Being port of Ruby on Rails to.

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Getting involved How to contribute to Akelos: By using our website, you agree to our frameowrk of cookies. Continuing bringing Rails functionality as needed. See our download page for download instructions. These can be used without any complex configurations.

Akelos thrives on the generous work of contributors from around the world.

Here’s a small introduction to writing MVC code:. Get Akelos ready for patching Check out the latest source: Web developers writing database applications using PHP.

Akelos PHP Framework, Akelos PHP Development, Akelos PHP Developer | PBO

China tires development China kiosk development China development short. Many small contributions and bug fixes.

After some serious contribution proposals and many developers telling us how much they like Akelos, we decided to take the time to build a nice community alelos which includes forumsa wikia new tutorial and a screen-cast. When coding with other developers the convention over configuration philosophy helps everybody to understand exactly how everything works and where to find things.


Code base reduced from 16MB to 9MB. Being a Ruby on Rails port to PHP, Akelos is also designed to make developers lives simpler by resolving complex problems with unusual speed and productivity. Akelos can be used for accessing a MySQL or PgSQL database through the modelprocessing the data by the controllerand presenting it to the user through the view.

That is no longer the case, and those who excel at Fraamework can start being productive from vramework one by using Akelos.

Akelos PHP Framework Ruby On Rails Developers

Don’t panic; the ticket hasn’t been killed! Anything new on the way? The controllers determine how the data is to be processed.

Akelos has ported many Ruby on Rails components keeping their interfaces and functionality whenever it was feasible to port akkelos Ruby code to PHP. You can View Our Detailed Portfolio on: Akelos Brief overview Name: The biggest change is the direction that the project has taken.

Akelos source-code repository, development wiki and bug-report system

Action Mailer, which allows you to receive and send directly or in delayed mode emails from within your application. There are a lot of frameworks for PHPperhaps too many: I started coding Akelos back in for our internal developments. Source style Edit source code files using UTF Based on good practices, it allows you to: Make a test-driven change Add or change unit tests to prove that your change works.


Your Akelos based applications can run on most shared hosting service providers since Akelos only requires that PHP be available at the server. It aims at helping programmers build multilingual database-backed web applications and write less code, which allows for the creation of uniform, simple to understand scripts. Action Webservice, a component for creating and consuming Web Services easily.

See the full code via a Web interface. The Akelos PHP framework allows programmers to write views using Ajax, to control requests and responses through a controller, and to create and maintain internationalized applications.