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Now, also available with 16T and 17T Pinion. The new clutch drc from Align with a ‘blue’ clutch bell liner is the best upgrade from Align. This clutch bell uses thicker clutch liner. There is no need to upgrade to Lynx Gas Clutch as original the “Gap” with the older Align Clutch bell was unacceptable for gasser performance.


Assault DFC Electric Flybarless 3D Helicopter Kit (w/upgrade swashplate and tail slider)

Also, there is no need to fix any tolerances for the Trex clutch to fit into the bell as it is factory adjusted for the best performance. More choices of clutches to choose from!

Available in two different versions Forward and Backward Engine Mount. Major differences between forward and Backward Engine mount Kits.

Here are some of the key points which makes this conversion kit different from others: Forward Engine Mount require very minor canopy cutting. Backward Engine mount does not require any cutting at all.

The only addition from the manual is mounting of Zenoah Engine. Below is the step-by-step pictures as installation instructions. Procedure for Backward Engine Mount Conversion: The radio controlled model helicopter built from this conversion kit is not a toy and is not meant for children.

Rotating components, especially the main rotor blades, are an ever-present danger. Model helicopters operate differently than model cars and airplanes. Helicopters by their nature are not positively stable, meaning that even if properly assembled and adjusted, helicopters will not recover from an unwanted flight attitude, nor will they hold any particular orientation without constant control inputs from the pilot.


HELIBUG has spent considerable time making this product reliable and easy to build, but only the operator can insure that it is safe.

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