Cambridge Core – Sociolinguistics – Arabic Sociolinguistics – by Reem Bassiouney. Reem Bassiouney explores how current sociolinguistic theories can be applied to Arabic and, conversely, what the study of Arabic can contribute to our. The first introduction to the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, this book discusses major trends in research on Arabic Sociolinguistics. Zoom Reem Bassiouney .

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The word means literally ‘what is your colour? In a different vein, Goffman discusses the individual as a speaker who plays different roles and who uses language to mark the new role she or he plays.

In fact, she emphasises the inter- twined role of the discourse and structural aspects of code-switching. This is generally true in the case of the three variables chosen for analysis, but some examples proved to be more problematic, even with the 4-M model. Finally I give concrete examples of different dialects in the Arab world and compare and contrast them in real contexts sections 1.

In his definition the H variety or language is a spoken standard, while in Arabic it is not the spoken variety of any country. In this section I wanted to give examples of the different groups of varie- ties in the Arab world. The Arabic noun for ‘result’ would have been in this case nati: First, the term ‘educated Arabs’ seems vague.

El Hassan also studied the demonstrative system in ESA, in particular the frequency of occurrence of standard and vernacular forms of demonstratives MSA forms and different vernacular forms in various types of cross-dialectal communica- tion between Arabs from different countries, Jordanians and non-Jordanians, Egyptians and non-Egyptians etc.

He look after it. In general, I think the ML model is the most promising of them all, for a number of reasons.

However, Arabic vari- ationist sociolinguistics flourished after Ferguson’s article about diglossia in Trudgill will be discussed in detail in Chapter 3 of this book. Graduate students of Arabic language and linguistics as well as students of sociolinguistics with no knowledge of Arabic will find this volume to be an indispensable resource.


Abu-Haidarin bassipuney study of the Muslim and the Christian dialects of Baghdad, posits that: According to her, placing a great deal of emphasis on the individual’s creative role in code-switching may make one lose sight of the general nature of the process, since, in her view, code-switching is a rule-governed phenom- enon and should be studied as such.

Arabic Sociolinguistics (eBook, PDF)

This is evidence that intrasentential code-switching between MSA and different colloquials is dependent on the community being studied to a great extent, and to the expo- sure of this community to MSA as well as the means of this exposure: In this example we have system morphemes from two different codes in the same projection of a complemen- tiser, more specifically within the single-word verb.

It is usually read aloud from texts and, if the speaker is highly skilled, may also be used in the commentary to the text. Again at the end of this section I provide a case study of motivations for diglossic switching from my own work 2.

The complex- ity of the situation arises from the fact that native speakers of Arabic do not distinguish between MSA and CA. The two system morphemes can be classified differently: How do we define a community?

MejdelFs study is based on two public seminars held in Egypt. However, such a claim is only true for variationist sociolinguists, not the many who have studied language policy, code-switching and language ideology. Sentence fillers in SCA include words like ya? The word quarters-t is an English word with an English system morpheme sand a Hungarian system morpheme twhich is a Hungarian case marker.

The following example is one of them. This category includes inflections, determiners, possessive adjectives and intensifier adverbs. However, it should be noted that the data used in this book is mainly spoken data.

The MSA demonstrative is another early system morpheme, because again it adds meaning to its head; the noun mana: The following examples will pose problems for the ML and yield different results with the 4-M model: The two constraints theory can be applied very neatly to code-switching between Spanish and English, because both languages have, more or less, the same word order, and both have the same government categories, i.


The definite article is a case in point. Hospital is referred to twice, once as hosbitar a wrong pronunciation of the English word and once as isbitar. MSA uses the imperfect, while all the varieties use the perfect.

Full text of “22 Arabic Sociolinguistics Topics In Diglossia, Gender, Identity, And Politics”

ESA is a mixed variety which is very badly codified apart from very few studies for example Eidno research has established what kind of rules actually govern this mixing, nor do we know whether or not such rules are subject to generalisations. Thus, the aim of transcribing the data is not to idealise but to render actual pronunciation.

In fact, it is a different lexical item in five varieties and only ICA shares the same lexical item with MSA, but there are still phonological differences between the two. sociolinguiztics

ECA provides the frame-structure for the sentence, while the speaker fills in the lexical slots with MSA items.

Using education as a criterion can be considered a problem reen his description.

Arabic Sociolinguistics (eBook, PDF) von Reem Bassiouney – Portofrei bei

I would like to thank both universities for this research period. Instructions to servants, waiters, workmen and dociolinguistics 2. According to him, the following are situations in which H is appropriate: In MSA existence is expressed by yu: If we believe in the idea of universal grammar, then we might expect universal grammar to impose constraints on code-switching.

However, the tense person morpheme ta is MSA, and can be considered an outsider late system morpheme since it depends on information from outside its head, the verb; it derives its information from the subject. When he speaks sincerely his words are in colloquial.