Visitor – You prefer to use another framework, but maybe Cairngorm 3 has For example, the Command pattern is still recommended for encapsulating the. Cairngorm is based on Model View Controller (MVC) framework, specifically designed to facilitate complex state and data synchronization. The Current State of Flex Frameworks In this tutorial you will learn a few “best- practices” for Cairngorm projects as well as an extension to the.

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Adobe Flash Media Server. The Controller is the most sophisticated part of the Cairngorm architecture. This leads to the need for additional coding to convert the data to appropriate types.

However, before you can properly implement this design pattern you need to learn about the organization of a Cairngorm project. The IResponder interface, which is also implemented by the Command class, includes onResult and onFault methods to handle responses returned from the invoked remote service.

Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex by Tony Hillerson

The FrontController instance, which receives every View-generated event, dispatches the events to the assigned Command class based on the event’s declared type. To Use or Not to Use Cairngorm? The business folder is for delegates and service components. The next point of interest is the class LoadEmployeesCommand.

To learn the expanded Cairngorm Flow, you will need to learn a few new Cairngorm cairngotm. The execute method of SaveEmployeeEditsCommand does not use any delegates, as it tutoriao needs to add a newly inserted Employee to the model. You can find those here. You can download the source code of this application at http: Start Free Trial No credit card required.


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To eliminate the need to import CairngormEventDispatcher in every view, starting from Cairngorm 2. So, is Cairngorm right for your project? Until they do — you can use the following:. Please note that the code for the six participants mentioned frqmework is organized in separate packages folders.

Create a common ancestor to all your commands and define the fault method there to avoid repeating the same code in cairnborm command class. The View portion of the employee list gets updated automatically as a result of data binding. For some reason, the author of this code decided not to use EmployeeVO here and stores each Employee attribute separately in SaveEmployeeEvent.

Cairngorm is one of the primary open-source software frameworks for application architecture in Adobe Flex. This site is no longer being maintained and commenting is disabled.

Apache Flex – A Practical Guide: Introduction to MVC Architecture of Cairngorm

Please note the use of four global objects: You will need an FLV player to view them. Cairngorm has been around longer than any other Flex framework.

All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Articles with permanently frzmework external links Pages using Infobox software with unknown parameters. Just simply renaming this variable in the ModelLocator will require changes in one or more views that are bound to it.


Even though data binding can help in writing less code, because Cairngorm enforces data binding as the only mechanism of updating the views, it makes them nonreusable. The free, open source framework was originally implemented in the ActionScript 3 language for use with Adobe FlexFlash and AIRand it has since been ported to nearly all the major web development platforms. This tutorial will cover the basic flow inside of a Cairngorm application, and the next tutorial will expand this flow to include server interaction.

List of Flex frameworks

Many people were interested in Cairngorm, but I only had about 10 minutes to explain the basics of Cairngorm. The Command class updates the data in the model typically, a collection of value objects defined in the global ModelLocator. Command When a View component fires an event, FrontController finds the Command class that was registered with cairnngorm event and calls its method execute. Adobe Labs features Cairngorm as the architectural framework for Rich Internet Application programmers.

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The problem with this approach is in the global nature of such an event handler. In Part 4 you saw the full Service to Worker pattern demonstrated. The List component the View knows about its model and is bound to it directly via its dataProvider property.