It is also the first Bengali film to release theatrically in United Kingdom on 12 January Plot The sequel to the Chander Pahar series, the story begins with . Based on a classic Bengali novel, a story of African adventure that today might get patronizingly typed today as a young-adult story. PDF | On Jan 1, , Sandip Kr. Mishra and others published Chander Pahar. So Chander Pahar is not based on a mere story of adventure. It. is the triumph.

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It features Bengali actor Dev in the lead role as Shankar. This is the first collaboration between Dev and Mukherjee, the latter having made only two films before: Uro Chithi and Meghe Dhaka Tara. Shooting commenced on 20 April The trailer was released at the Nicco park at 5 pm, on the occasion of Chajder Day on 14 November This is the first Indian film to be extensively shot in South Africa.

Chander Pahar is the most successful film in Bengali cinema. Critics consider it Dev’s most memorable and recognizable work.

Chander Pahar (MB) By Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay ✅ Free Download

The movie has a sequel titled Amazon Obhijaan. Chander Pahar is the story of a young Bengali man’s adventures in Africa in Shankar Roy Chowdhury Devthe protagonist, is a year-old man, recently completed his First Arts graduation and about to take up a stort in a jute mill, a prospect he absolutely loathes.

He yearns for adventure, wild lands, forests and animals. He wants to follow the footsteps of famous explorers like LivingstoneMungo ParkMarco Poloall of whom he has read about and idolizes.

By a stroke of luck, he secures a job as a station master in a desolate station in Uganda Railway through a fellow sotry working there and goes to ;ahar without a second thought.

One evening Shankar is chased by a man-eating lion and luckily he reaches his cabin and locks the door. The next day he asks the head stationmaster to provide him with a Springfield bolt-action rifle and carbolic acid as a day before he storyy another hazard in Africa: He miffs the black mamba with his torchlight. The next day he gets these things from another fellow Indian, Tirumal Appa, who is serving the British Army.

They quickly strike a rapport and Tirumal visits him often. One day Tirumal becomes victim of the same man-eating lion. This rages Shankar and he decides to end this peril. He poses as bait by pouring blood on himself and scatters meat chunks.

He tempts the lion out of his cave and eventually shots him down. He rescues and looks after the middle-age Portuguese explorer and gold prospectorDiego Alvarez. The encounter with Alavarez influences him deeply. Alavarez tells him of his exploits and adventures, how he and his companion Jim Carter had braved deep jungles and mountains of Richtersveld to find the largest diamond mine. However, they were thwarted by the legendary Bunyipa mythical monster who guards chanver mines and killed Pajar.

Shankar gives up his job and accompanies Alvarez as he decides to venture out once more and find the srory again.

Shankar Roy Chowdhury (character)

They meet with innumerable shory. The first is a raging volcano which forces them to halt their expedition. One night they were attacked by the monster Bunyip. Eventually they get lost in the forests where Alvarez is killed by the monster, in an effort to save Shankar’s life.


Desolated Shankar mourns the death of Alvarez deeply. He buries him with all rites and sets sail towards the mountain of moon. Shankar sets out to reach civilization.

He finds the diamond mines by accident. He enters the cave and gets lost. With great difficulty, he gets out, marking his way with “pebbles” and taking some back with him as memento, not knowing each is an uncut diamond. He finds the remains of the Italian explorer, Attilio Gatti, and learns that pahaf cave he found earlier was the diamond mine.

Gatti, as Shankar learns from a note by him, had uncut diamonds in his boots. The note said that whoever reads the note can take the diamonds as long as he buries his skeleton, with Christian rites.

‘Chander Pahar’ Review: Kamaleswar Mukherjee’s Adventure Story – Variety

Shankar does so and keeps the old diamonds. While crossing the jungle, he comes in contact with the Bunyip’s cave. Filled with revenge, he devises a plan to get rid of Bunyip. Shankar collects sticks from the jungle and sharpens their tips into spears.

He fences the entrance with chanrer wood and waits for the Bunyip. The Bunyip turns up and, seeing its prey, jumps at it from height. Shankar moves out and the Bunyip gets pierced on the wood and dies. Shankar tries to move out by following the compass. He becomes lost in the deserts of Kalahari and nearly dies of thirst.

Fortunately, he is rescued by a survey team and taken to a hospital in SalisburyRhodesia. When he recovers he sells four of his diamonds and gets lots of money.

One diamond he sends to his parents with a note to sell stroy and help the villagers with its money. Next, he sells his sole diamond and buys a steamer boat to continue his exploration. He ends the book saying that he will return to that cave one day with a large team and continue the legacy of Alvarez, Carter and Gatti. All lyrics written by Srijato ; all music composed by Indraadip Dasgupta.

Director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee mentioned Chander Pahar xhander his “dream project”. But he even compared the project to a “double-edged sword” as he realised the challenges while looking for locations in South Africa for a month.

As a result, it was decided that actor Dev would play sory role of Shankar. For this very special project, Kamaleshwar has a Maasai proverb in mind: A source close to the Chander Pahar unit revealed that the production house wanted a big star to play Shankar, the adventurer protagonist.

At the beginning, Dev and Parambrata ‘s names had come up. They needed an athletic body for the role of Shankar because in the book it is mentioned that Shankar was into boxing and he knew horse riding and swimming. Dev was learning horse riding and he is good in action scenes. Therefore, finally he was chosen to be cast as Shankar.

Dev also agreed to do that as he was brought the offer. But he was asked to lose weight because in the latter part of the film, Shankar fights with lions, walks through jungles and mountains, and almost starves.


He never flinches from any challenge or danger. Be it fighting the African lion or duelling on the cliff, and that too without a body double. Most of the cast members of Chander Pahar are from South Africa. It pxhar a lot of time to decide who was going to play the role of Pagar Alvarezthe Portuguese explorer, who has a supporting role.

Kamaleshwar Mukherjee said that he was sending a translated version of the script to the actors and pahag that, chanrer were so professional that they had already read up about Chander Pahar on the Internet. The sfory of Chander Pahar was the highest in Bengali Cinema till its release in The film is produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and is shot at locations in Africa.

The film would reportedly incorporate computer-generated tsory and visual effects at par with Hollywood and Bollywood standards. According to The Times of India chandeg, it will be high-budget and have computer graphics that no one has seen before in a Bengali film.

Chander Pahar was filmed for 45 days in South Africa.

Upon questioning, he said, “Before the shooting of the film which contains a large amount of risks, team Chander Pahar wanted a party with the presence of all the crew and wtory.

Who knows if anyone doesn’t come back forever! Everyone’s life is at stake. It was the first time in Bengali cinema that a film is made with hcander much of risks and challenges.

Even actor Dev said, ” Chander Pahar is going to be the biggest challenge in my pahad and I’m not afraid. Being afraid will mean no shooting for the project. Chander Pahar has of a sequence in which six African lions chase Dev. Though a lot of scenes involve risks, the crew was very tense about this particular scene. The chase sequence paha filmed at an animal farm for three days.

During this scene, the director and cinematographer stayed in an open cage with three sides closed. The distance between Dev and the lions was measured by the examiner of the lions. Pieces of meat were used to tempt them. Dev had to run as the director said “Action”, with six lions chasing him.

Then he had to enter the cage while running and the opening of the cage was shut immediately. According to the director Kamaleshwar Mukherjeelions are very lazy and don’t even get up for four days after having a paahar.

Chander Pahar

The lions used were not given food for three days. And he reprimanded me on this count. The novel Chander Pahar has of a story where the protagonist Shankar has a face-to-face experience with Africa’s most deadliest snake, Black mamba. Shooting included a real Black mamba.

The most threatening fact was that the venom of Black mamba cannot be taken out. Thus, shooting of Chander Pahar has a life-threatening sequence with a venomous snake.

Mukherjee added that the largest risk in this sequence will be of the cinematographerSoumik Haldar, who confidently said that he will be positively doing his work since he had already decided to do that.