Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sidin Vadukut is a journalist, columnist and blogger. He has an engineering degree from NIT Trichy and an MBA from IIM. Read Dork: The Incredible Adventures of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders. “In April Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese; a stupendously naïve but academically gifted young man (he was ranked 41st in his class); graduates from one of.

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The writing is traumatizing when not unbearable. There is really no one-to-one correspondence between the people in the book and those I’ve met in real life.

The Other Brain Inc. I robln understand because I have met few Sugandh s as well back in time. The backdrop of the imminent housing crisis in the U.

Casey Fiesler academia internet law feminism geek. Chucked after 3 pages. Hearing this robin had this mixed feelings in him.

Book Review : DORK the incredible adventures of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese | Ujval’s Lounge

Up to some pages, you will enjoy it but slowly I started feeling boring. Genuinely loved those two years in Thrissur.

Unfortunately this book lacks that too. Waiting for the next one. I’m not sure what to write of this book. I was trying to find out something good about the industry in the whole book but it was satire all along. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


God Save the Dork

I was excited about Dork 2. A really really boring book where you wish you could slap the protagonist. But his dreams get shattered soon when he ends up in Dufresne Partners, a rather mediocre mid-market management consulting organization located in Mumbai. Robin Varghese, after his misadventure with the Voicemail in the first book, is hired by Dufrensy and is sent to London where he would work for Lederman on a new project. It was a real struggle to finish this one.

However, it shows a near true picture of how an idealistic graduate quickly changes into an unethical executive in the face of challenges posed by the corporate world. Feb 21, Sumit rated it it was amazing.

It will be fun to meet some of them sometime. Another twist in Dork: I rate this Mis-Adventure a 3.

Are we supposed to sympathize with him? Oct 22, Deepak drok it liked it. Sidin lives in New Delhi with his wife, two PlayStations, four laptops and a desktop computer. There is no narrative trail, no plot, no characterization or for that matter not even a purpose for this book. So, turns out he was carefully packed and shipped to London, where he was self proclaimed financial guru and an expert einstdin banking This would be in climax though.


There are many laugh-out-loud moments for the reader. Robin gets assigned to fork project and he handles it well. Even I’m surprised I like it, even though it feels like I’m being unfair to the author. I was stuck with the same guy, Robinator, who told me funny story last year about his mis-adventures. Today, the managing editor of Livemint. With things going spectacularly wrong in his professional and personal life; will Robin carghese to achieve his short-term goal of being promoted to Associate in under a year?

The contemparory writing with a huge sense of humor plus relates the current economical situation. I somehow think that it would have worked well if the author could talk a little more about other characters and the main character was a little bearable.

Quite a disappointment when you compare it with the first book which was extremely funny and kept the reader involved. Dec 14, Abhisek Pandey rated it did not like it.