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Even though women were outside the home now, patriarchal hierarchy was still the same. The ultimate gender form was the haldde patriarchal male who had the authority in public while the female was supposed to be a subservient daughter, wife fna widow. Through developing a scale measuring sexual orientation, Alfred Kinsey, an American biologist and sexologist, found out that there was a certain amount of homosexuals.

Since gender is cultural construction of the societies, assigned roles and statuses are not fixed. Leeman normative heterosexuality was quite dominant over many centuries including Middle Ages, and it was Christianity that set the living standards of the Western World.

Yet, any homosexual act was illegal so Wilde had three trials, and he was sentenced to two years imprisonment in The case was defined as scandal. Third, it is claimed that genes create differences in behavior and organize the activities of sex hormones, leading to remarkable distinctions between man and woman adolescence.

A Social Psychological Perspective. Homosexual practices were common unlike those during Middle Ages. U of Chicago Pp ibid, p. Anne Fausto-Sterling, who is a professor of biology and gender studies at Brown University, questions the biological determinism. Women also began to earn income that is less than men. Thus, the 18 th century Western World sustained the predetermined gender roles.

Every era seeks to satisfy them to preserve the present system by assigning roles and constructing gendered stereotypes. Society expects individuals to practice the concepts like manness and womanness, which are embedded every facet of society.


Binary oppositions of gender and heteronormativity are taken for granted so naturally that 2. Gender norms compose the reality of being woman and man and it becomes a provision of having an identity in the social context.

In Jade Blackwell Publishing, Vol. As a result of these changes, Renaissance was born. In addition, the study of ancient history decreased the power of religious discourse not only on the state level but also on strict gendered phenomenon. Another utmost example for gender reversal can be seen in a tribe called Etoro from Papua New Guinea. Besides Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome had homosexual practices, too.

To begin with, Ancient Greece has a unique and famous place in the story of gender variation that stands in opposition to our lemn society. It expects to be internalized in order to operate. The somewhat artificial construction that there are only two sexes is destroyed by the examination of some non-western yalde gender biases.

First, the issue is fenaa by Margaret Mead s study on three different societies; Arapesh, Mundugumor, and Tchambuli. Having formed roles and stratification to provide an order to society, heteropatriarchal system heavily depends on the social institutions to practice its ideology and necessities. As a result, gender is an outcome of cultural and historical past and it is not static The Plastic Nature of Gender in the Historical Realm Historical framework of gender might be examined in order to display its pliable nature.

The institutions mentioned in the dissertation are family, traditions of Western culture, law and educational system. Increasing rate of women in the market made the inequality visible.

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At the second half the 20 th century, gender began to be studied by science. Along with breaking the normative binary oppositions of gender established by heteropatriarchy, the characters serve as examples to non-heterosexuals who are to live with psychic disorder risks as a result of violating the gendered foundation of culture. In Sociological Theory, Vol. In fact the community favors men s superiority since women exist for reproduction, and they are condemned in case they enjoy sex.

The Victorian era is the period of hidden sexuality and bodies so sexual repression was era s dominant characteristic through which females remained in private domestic sphere while heterosexual males practiced hegemony over women, family and society. Four different genders are defined; femalebodied women, male-bodied men, female-bodied nadleehi the term used by Natives to refer alternating gender practices yet its definition varies widelymale-bodied nadleehi.


To be more specific, gender norm is exclusionary like other norms and yalde the hallde.

Fena Halde Leman

For instance, a male Navajo wears women s dresses and engages in what is considered to be women s work in the Western culture, such as washing, cleaning and having sexual intercourse with men. It assigns social behaviors, and configures our life. The Male Artist as a Performative Function. The second chapter of the dissertation centers on the politics of gender identity in terms of the formation of gender identity, its roles, and the psychic situation of individuals who do not adopt the assigned gender identities and roles.

This dissertation approaches the body as a gendered instrument to sustain and maintain Lemam culture s gender ideology, that is, heteropatriarchy which assumes heterosexuality as the only fen of gender in patriarchal foundation. It created profound implications on the control authority of church leaders.

The point to be noted here is that Navajos differentiate their sexual practices and avoid Western terms such as gay or homosexual.

As a result, the Navajo community stands as an example of lrman, openness and tolerance with regard to hslde of gender. Homosexuality in Renaissance and Enlightenment England.

Having examined the 18 th century Western societies, Randoph Trumbach 22 found out that there were adult and adolescent men whose sexual desires were directed to each other. Defined as eunuchs castrated menHijras are males who dress and act like females.