Fangoria is an internationally distributed American horror film fan magazine, in publication . Additionally, in May , a sister publication titled Gorezone was first published. A second sister publication, titled Toxic Horror followed in Dec 27, Explore Randy Price jr’s board “Fangoria / gorezone magazines” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Journals, Magazines and. Feb 3, This Pin was discovered by Jeff Wolfe. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Firstly well done for have a glossy and forezone nice looking magazine that has managed to stay afloat during in a climate almost designed to make just that very difficult.

It is definitely an achievement that a niche magazine has kept on keeping on, and I salute that. I first bought GoreZone about a year, maybe mwgazine year and a half, ago when the mag was still in its relative infancy and I was thoroughly disappointed.

So I decided I would stick to Fango.

An Open Letter To Gorezone Magazine | let’s get dangerous_

So I figured I would give it another whirl. Now, I am not one of these guys who gets all heated about grammar and spelling but come on, this is just ridiculous. Basic spelling and grammar are an absolute must for any professional looking publication, and when you skip on it it makes you look like a bunch of amateurs.

And if some Mary Whitehouse type were to pick up the magazine as fodder for her latest crusade against people having bloody fun then she goreaone probably think the horror community is a bunch of uneducated degenerates fixated on big boobs. And so in lies my main problem with GoreZone: If I am honest the reviews are well written for the most gofezone, and the features go into some level of depth which is good. Now just sort out goreozne content. Females are maligned in this genre we love as pure eye candy, or examples of pure evil.

This is the most progressive genre in the world, the genre that showed up women can be heroes with films like the Night Of The Living Dead remake but even though people are striving to make something more of the genre, other people such as yourselves are dragging it back down. Be as progressive as the genre allows and focus more on the horror that all your readers love, as opposed to the scantily clad ladies which I assume appeals to at least a percentage of your readers.

Must plan some movies for that one. Does anyone have anything planned, do you know? I know there are events popping up all over the place.

Just stick into google. I will be attending something in Birmingham, I believe. But it needs to be editing with considerably more care.

Nuts for horror fans might be stretching it a bit, but Heat for horror fans is I think a reasonable summation; their intent does seem to be to appeal to as mainstream a readership as possible.

I should hope the longer they run, the more the magazine will grow into a truly worthy rival to Fangoria. I still wish them all the best but hope someone else produces a quality UK horror mag someday soon. Thanks for the comments Dangerous Jamie but you no whatreaders disagree. I take all comments on board and I listen to all readers but unless they email me direct hey what am I to do? Listen to one blogger? We have amazing strong females that write for us who will also disagree with your comments.


Christa Campbell is having a laugh at herself which is what folk need to do more often. Anyway if you have the balls to email me do so my email is b. Trying to be cutting edge and controversial was so yeaster year! Hi there Bryn, thanks for reading this and I hope you do take some of the comments on board.

You can see from some of the other comments that I am not alone in my criticisms of your magazine.

Avoid anything that bears the name GoreZone? WOW you guys are way harsh gorezone is the best magazine on the market. Gorezone is like a family all the readers and writers are one big happy family. We are like the mafia so u wanna watch out! Go bryan you are sooo cool! Hi there Kerry, I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply to this post.

Also, I would just like to point out that the editor and likely patriarch of you GoreZone family is named Bryn not Bryan. Your a rude guy and have called him names.

Is it because your a fright fest twat? I would advise you to grow up and move on. In the Police and Justice Actthe United Kingdom specifically outlawed denial-of-service attacks and set a maximum penalty of 10 magazin in prison. Just thought you might like the heads up. Still, ten years in jail might give you some much needed time to perfect your grasp of the English language….

Kerry i see what you mean. Maybe dangerousjamie is gay??? Crash the site,Crash the site, Crash the site…. Yeah and the issue is? I like to read about the stars of the movie.

Do you think the gore comes out of the actors? There are dedicated teams of hardworking prosthetics people, make up designers, CGI people, and effects co-ordinators who all exist behind the camera. Not just the director. You a lame ass shit head that needs to get a ,agazine or a real job. I work in a tanning shop so i have a real job. MovieDan polter 3 is badddddddddd its in the latest issue of gorezone as well the cover is on there forum. Ditch this site and come to the dark side.

I am your motheer!

Looking Back: the First Issue of GOREZONE!

This is heated but then what can they expect from making comments about Gorezone! Always has been and Fright Fest is an old mans club! Gorrzone, that about seals the deal for me. To put an open letter like this about a magazine thats so great its just shocking. I run two businesses, I hardly have too much time on my hands.

GoreZone Magazine is one of the best magazines out. The readers and staff sure know how to express themselves. Even to the point of censorship. How old are we and since gorezlne was a blogger expressing an opinion a crime? I bought Gorezone once and was quite taken aback by how badly written and derivative it was. There is definitely a gap in the market for a decent UK horror magazine.

Not only is the post from GZ editor regarding grammatical mistakes full of errors, but the people who have written here above, its just… shocking. You keep watching films for their cast.

I do not read Gorezone, and currently do not see an single argument above as to why I should. Why is it awesome? Looking at all these comments I see a huge problem here. First and foremost a lot of these comment made are open to slander and second of all none of you have clearly read GoreZone Magazine.


I am an avid reader of anything horror related and I stumbled upon a copy of GoreZone a couple of years back and I am very happy with the style and look of the magazine. I am by far more happy with recent issues of GoreZone than I am of lets say Fangoria. I can see the points made about Christa Campbell but not about the mistakes in the magazine.

I feel as a forum, topic poster I need to report this blog and I have done so to both GoreZone Magazine and the cyber police as I truly feel that this topic is unneeded hate post. I have spoke to the GoreZone Team who are all amazing and extremely sweet and I gave them direction and they took it on board so all the above people who hide behind an email I think should go back to there day jobs and leave well alone.

Gorezone magazine is a cool magazine with intelligent topics and a great writing team. With my report now filed I think you will have to take your comments else were. I think bullying is nasty! A well-reasoned comment from the other side! I have spoken with some members of the GZ staff since this has all blown up, and I have to say that some of those I have had correspondence with were really very nice, very civil, and very helpful.

Some others, not so much. Lastly, thank you for not calling me gay, or insulting any of the other commenters. If only the other GZ readers had taken this mantle up there might have been some extra respect lobbied GZ-wards. Shock and disgust is all I can feel for this open letter and all of the comments above.

This is no more than a hate campaign that needs to stop! I think if the open letter had been posted directly to the GoreZone Magazine team as apposed to online then the filthy comment above would not have been made.

Disgusting I am at this point sad to be a horror fan. I as have Garry met Ben at the GoreZone movie festival and I am annoyed at his axe grinding attack on the editor who I have found a delight. As for grammatical mistakes I have found none in any of the issues I have purchased does that make me illterate? I think this post should be removed completely and I feel that anyfurther posts should be done in an articulate manner. The people against the magazine are as bad as the people for, bar one comment.

Makes me feel ashamed to be apart of the community. I will contunue to support Gorezone magazine and I will continue to enjoy every issue, issue 53 is by far the best. I think people like Moviedan who have made dreadful and shameful comments should sit back and actually feel bad for bashing and abusing the only UK horror magazine that still alive.