A Linguistic Theory of Translation (Language and Language Learning) [J.C. Catford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics. Front Cover. J. C. Catford. Oxford University Press, – Linguistics – pages. Get this from a library! A linguistic theory of translation, by j.c. catford.. [J c Catford].

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He has a broken leg. Those repre- sented by A B C Linguisfic. SPUTNIK In transliteration, SL graphological units are replaced by TL graphological units; but these are not translation equivalents, since they are not selected on the basis of relationship to the same graphic substance.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics – J. C. Catford – Google Books

It means, simply, that the exponent of the equivalent grammatical or lexical feature in English happens to be tone or tonicity. There is no carry-over into the TL of values set up by formal or contextual relations in the SL. From the point of view of translation-theory, however, it may be regarded j.c.cxtford translation from the L 2 into the L 1; at the phonological level only, since it is replacement of L 2 phonology by equivalent L, phonology lexis and grammar remaining unchanged. Similarly, in the example in 5.

Even within one and the same language, democracymay be relatable to some different situational features in the registers of different political parties. In transference there is an implantation of SL meanings into the TL text.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation

Here, as in the case of geographical dialect, equivalence of absolute location in time is normally neither possible nor desirable. In phonological and grapho- logical exponence affix morphemes may be expounded linearly e.


In total translation, SL and TL texts or items are translation equivalents when they are interchangeable in a given situation. Tranzlation is related to rank in the sense that an element of structure of a unit at one rank is expounded by — or has as its exponent — a unit or units j.c.catford the rank next below.

Throughout this paper we make use of the abbreviations: Rizqa Ridina rated it liked it Nov 06, In the present example, then, we could say that the translation equivalent of the English indefinite article, a, is the French article zero.

The alphabet, for instance, may be recited with various types of foot-division, e. Open Preview See a Problem? The following is an example where equivalence can be established to some extent right down to morpheme rank: A number of students and colleagues contributed useful sugges- trqnslation when the essay was first circulated in duplicated draft form, to all of whom I am grateful. The primary ele- ments of word-structure are B base and A affix.

Definition and General Types 2. They are, however, relatable to stretches of the same situation-sub- stance.

Full text of “A Linguistic Theory Of Translation Oxford Univ. Press ( )”

trranslation Whether or not we regard the resultant simultaneous reference to situa- tional features of the contextual meanings of both these items as functionally relevant or not may be a matter of translatioon.

There is, however, an important difference between the two aspect systems, namely that the polarity of marking is translqtion the same. The exponent of I is always a single syllable. At one or more levels of language there may be simple replacement, by non- equivalent TL material: In many cases a change of style or register involves a corres- ponding change of dialect or even language. Categories, Translation, and Linguistic Theory. He supplies Mon fils a six theroy 1. The substantial features relevant to a graphological unit or item are visible marks on paper, stone.


The particular vowel can, if desired, be indicated by a diacritic mark; in addition, suppression of the implied vowel can also be marked. The child finds this funny and confusing; he reflects on who lives upstairs and downstairs in the house, and he wonders how one can come down the stairs without going on foot; and what has water to do with it?

The Burushin is now replaced by his sister. In total translation, translation equivalence depends on the interchangeability of the SL and TL text in the same situation — ultimately, that is, on relationship of SL and TL texts to j.c.catforrd least some of the same relevant features of situation-substance.

X y z Form: It is clear that the items listed above can be grouped in such a way. The source of this contention is the fact that it is tacitly assumed that a Romanized writing system for Hebrew will necessarily be a phonemic transcription. What did he say? It is clear, however, that this libguistic is unsatisfactory.