May 20, In gentle rebuke to those who never saw the good side of a city, urbanist and commentator Kotkin (The New Geography, , etc.) looks at the. If humankind can be said to have a single greatest creation, it would be those places that represent the most eloquent expression of our species’s. The City has ratings and 49 reviews. Fredösphere said: This was enjoyable as a driving-around audio book. My interest is in civic design–what works.

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A short and accessible introduction to the City. This book is a short one, but a worthy one, in that it synthesizes a great deal of understanding about cities to give a biography of the cities, as it were, finding common patterns across cultures while also demonstrating cultural differences where they exist.

What I’m eager to see is how the author address the issue of social dynamics found in every civilization with those 3 criterium. A noted French theologian Jacques Ellul once said that since the fall, man has been cty to create ordered heaven that has been lost, and that is man-made city.

This kogkin is a great read. Refresh and try again. Yet, it will perhaps been better if, instead of adopting a chronological narrative approach, the author focused on a few key cities In this book, the author put forth the kotin that three elements are necessary for a city to be great.

Kotkin has completed studies focusing on several major cities, including a worldwide Legatum study focusing on the future of London, Mumbai and Mexico City; as well as other studies of New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston and St. In only pages, the book covers a very broad temporal and geographical scale: Nonfiction Classics Domestic Politics. In looking at the history of city life as a continuous whole, THE CITY is nothing less than a breathtaking account of the human achievement itself.

The City: A Global History

The Past and Future of Latino Politics. He does, however, write with a noticeable bias, preferring all things Roman and American. Security — people can safely move about 2. You can read The City in an afternoon, but if you are interested in cities, and the jofl debate about how to ensure their success, you will turn to it for reference again and again.


Send a question or comment using the form jodl. Urban retail on a modern scale first appeared here, in This is an interesting handbook to the evolution of cities and the urban form. He is Executive Editor of the widely read website Newgeography. The author writes plainly, a style I enjoy. This is a pithy historical account the life and death of cities and their respective empires throughout the duration of civilization. He lectures widely in the United States and worldwide, and is sought-after as a speaker by major business and financial organizations.

Overall, however, the view was too high-level for my interest and lacked the analysis I hoped for. It is impossible not to learn a lot from this book.


Kotkin follows the progression of the city from the early religious centers of Mesopotamia, the Indus Icty, and China to the imperial centers of the Classical era, through the rise of the Islamic city and the Ciyt commercial capitals, ending with today’s post-industrial suburban metropolis.

The author has opinions, which are clearly stated. Search suggestions Make sure words are spelled correctly. Jan 03, Pedro rated it it was amazing. The Suburbs and the GOP.

Jan 11, Steve rated it liked it. Jun 25, John Gurney rated it really liked it. From their beginning, cities have been parasitic in a fashion, ruled by elites who have sought to combine elements of sacred space and commercial space while providing security, and at best cities have provided a home for the sort of cultured people who help make art possible as well as provide for trade and education and scientific development.

Un libro ambicioso que cubre la historia de la Ciudad y el asentamiento urbano.

Over the course of this breakneck survey of 5, kotkib of urban history, Kotkin makes a credible case for his ideas. Published October 10th by Modern Library first published January 1st Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Thus this is a sort of encyclopedia type with minimal interference from the writer and such a great book for a beginner or the masses.


The City: A Global History – Joel Kotkin

While celebrating the culture, enterprise and learning of cities, Kotkin does not ignore their downsides, be it crime, pollution and cramping. In this authoritative and engagingly written account, the acclaimed urbanist and bestselling author examines the evolution of urban life over the millennia and, in doing so, attempts to answer the age-old question: And thirdly, a set of values which binds people to the city.

Dec 18, Pages. Described by The New York Times as America’s “uber-geographer,” for over three decades Kotkin has been one of the nation’s most prolific and widely-published journalists. Kotkin follows the progression of the city from the early religious centres of Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley and China, to the imperial centres of the Classical era, through the rise of the Islamic city and the European commercial capitals, ending with today’s post-industrial suburban metropolis’.

Francis Morrone New York Sun. Meditations on the City is the first Urbanophile e-book, featuring provocative essays on the key issues facing our cities, including innovation, talent attraction and brain drain, global soft power, sustainability, economic development, and localism.

Crispin Tickell The Financial Times.

Cities are the fulcrum of civilization. Aspiring urban scholars, former urban scholars in need of a citty course, and anyone with even a passing interest in the urban built form will find The City: I think the book could have been so much more enriching with a more thorough discussion of This book was recommended to me by one of my professors in college. Jan 18, Zoe Elizabeth rated it it was ok.