With Arnold Moss, Luis Van Rooten. Lord Mountdrago, a leading member of the House of Lords, does not dream sweet dreams. Quite the contrary. Each night. Lord Mountdrago has 38 ratings and 4 reviews. Tom said: This was an engaging psychological thriller of a tale dealing with the intersection of the dreamw. It is called Lord Mountdrago. I would define the genre as phsychological thriller. There were three main heroes: Lord Mountdrago, his.

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I went up to have mountdragk look and some man said to me: It was impossible not to perceive the fineness of her character. This was one of the stories by Maugham dramatized in the film Encore. It was strange that Lord Mountdrago did not come. He has an unpleasant Welsh accent and an unprepossessing appearance. The ending, which circles back to Dr. London society Maugham was phenomenally posh. It’s a rather vulgar house, but it’s got a very fine marble staircase, and the Connemaras were at the top receiving their guests.

Of all the strange cases he had been called upon to deal with Dr Audlin could remember none stranger than that of Lord Mountdrago. Women are always sensitive to the self-sacrifice of others.

Of course the House was crowded. He was worn out. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

“Somerset Maugham TV Theatre” Lord Mountdrago (TV Episode ) – IMDb

The government had decided on a change in their policy which vitally affected the future of the Empire. When he broke the silence he had recovered his self-control.


Courage is the obvious virtue of the stupid. There is an element of manners. I was dressed like a rough, with a cap on my head and a handkerchief round my neck. There was a moment’s surprise, and when I finished they cried “Hear, hear,” on the opposite benches.

Lord Mountdrago by Wassima EID on Prezi

She was sitting on the veranda waiting for her husband to come in for luncheon. Under the breathless sun of midday it had the white pallor of death. It seemed to me that most of the people there were drunk. One day he can’t put up with it any more, that’s why lorr decides to consult a doctor.

As a politician, he was keenly aware of the vices that brought down otherwise promising or established careers and so strictly kept himself in check. Return to Book Page. Preview — Lord Mountdrago by W. I am a perfectly sound, normal, healthy man. He wangles an invitation to go and stay with her for a fortnight and this is the core of the story he tells the narrator: He was the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and horrible snob as well. Season 1 Episode 6. Along the way it allows Maugham, through the character of Audlin, to mull over the way people mounntdrago large are more surprising, shocking, unexpected, violent and unhappy than any of us realise.

He wanted the silence, the drabness, the dull light of that little room to have its effect on Lord Mountdrago’s sensibility. A certain sentimentality is the common coin of political debate. No wonder Lady Connemara mountdragoo giggled; no wonder the Archduke had laughed! But if in these democratic times it is out of the question for a Prime Minister of England to be in the House of Lords, there was nothing to prevent Lord Mountdrago from continuing kord be Secretary for Foreign Affairs in successive Conservative administrations and so for long directing the foreign policy of his country.


I was vexed, for I have a good baritone voice, and I was determined that they should do me justice. Lord Mountdrago Maugham, W. I was wearing my ribbon and my star.

Perhaps that might explain his abhorrent behavior; it certainly makes you understand why he regards Mountdrxgo with an extreme hostility.

Lord Mountdrago

He did not speak; he just looked, gravely, with pale eyes that did not move. They seldom lit up. Dr Audlin opened a large book and took up his pen. The Alien Corn — Home Counties — 3rd Set in very high society, the story is about a successful family of Jews who have completely assimilated to English society and pass themselves off as upper-class English family, the Blands.